Benefits of Innovative Energy Systems for Buildings and Micro-Grid Applications

GEFGA Solutions is specialized in the use of innovative energy systems for buildings and micro grid applications. In doing so, we rely on the integration of green energy sources, on innovative concepts and the use of energy-saving technologies.

Depending on local conditions, the use of various sustainable energy sources such as geothermal energy, solar energy, hydropower, wind power, environmental heat and process waste heat can be useful. Depending on the project, the utilization of these sources can be either self-sufficient, in addition to conventional energy supply or in combination with storage technology (e.g. ice storage) as a micro-grid solution.

Our solutions ensure a wide range of applications for the supply of private, public and commercial areas and offer our customers a variety of advantages:

  • Environmentally and climate friendly
  • Healthy and comfortable environment 
  • Sustainable and self-sufficient supply through green energy
  • Reducing energy consumption and operating costs
  • Predictable cost development compared to steadily rising
    prices for gas and oil
  • Optimized use of space
  • Reduction of plant size and energy demand
  • Load shifting and reduction of peak load
  • High availability and reliability