Energy Utilization

Our solutions are tailormade to customer requirements. They include locally available energy resources and combine them with efficient energy storage and distribution technologies.

Applied technologies include among others:
Heat pumps
Capillary Tube system
Infrared heating system
Highly insulated facade system
Energy storage system

Our customers enjoy a variety of economic and environmental benefits: 

Energy savings

Cost reduction

Reduction of plant size

Optimized use of space

CO2 reduction

Use of green energy

Self-sufficient energy supply

High availability and reliability

Healthy and comfortable atmosphere

Use Cases for innovative energy systems

70 m high-rise building in Gulf States climate:
Conventional air conditioner
More than 60cm will be lost for the installation of air ducts for conventional air conditioning and the remaining building services
21 floors are possible

Capillary tube system
Due to the use of capillary tube technology, only 20cm are necessary for ventilation and the remaining building services
24 floors are possible

Zero energy building in Germany:
Energy consumption
• 4.500 kWh per year
• Heating costs (gas, oil)
• Additional costs for air conditioning

Self-sufficient energy supply
The house produces as much electricity as it needs
Heating and cooling by 100% green energy