Energy Storage

Energy storage systems enable the continuous availability of green energy, even in times of lower energy generation, which occur e.g. in the case of solar or wind energy. In addition, energy storage can be used to shift electrical loads and reduce electrical peak loads and thus increase efficiency. With our ice storage sp.ICE we offer an innovative solution for highly efficient cooling systems.  

Thanks to its unique capillary tube-based design, our ice storage sp.ICE allows for
fastest freezing and melting rates in combination with a very high capacity. 

Sp.ICE enables a wide range of applications for:
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning for all types of buildings  
District Cooling Plants 
Industry and process cooling 

Our customers enjoy a variety of economic and environmental benefits: 

Energy Savings

Cost reduction 

Reduction of Cooling Plant Size

CO2 reduction

Use of green energy 

High availability and reliability